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Best Supervisory and Management Practices


  • The best operators are promoted to supervisors and the best administrative workers promoted to managers;
  • The supervisors/managers :
    • don't know their new role and lack self-confidence;
    • are overworked and don't know how to set their priorities;
    • stay locked up in their offices or concentrate on manual tasks so as not to communicate with the employees;
    • don't feel responsible for productivity and quality;
    • don't have the tools to manage productivity and quality;
    • are unable to explain production discrepancies;
    • try to avoid problems rather than manage;
    • don't know how to deal with discipline problems;
    • don't know how to communicate with the people on the floor;
    • put out fires all day long;
    • don't reach the production objectives.
  • Passing the buck is the corporate culture;
  • Problems that reoccur every day and don't foster on-going improvement.

Our approach

  • Diagnostic.
  • Validation of diagnostic and presentation of a development plan for each supervisor/manager.
  • Training and workshops on the roles and responsibilities of supervisors.
  • Training on the principles of management in a value-added products environment.
  • Training and workshops on the development and use of made to measure management system.
  • Training and development for time scheduling.
  • Training and workshops on motivation.
  • Training and role-playing simulation to learn to communicate effectively.
  • Training and workshops on problem solving.
  • Training and workshops on conflict resolution.
  • Deployment of an audit system.

All workshops aw combined with individual coaching on the floor for each supervisor/manager.

Anticipated results

This adapted training will make it possible:

  • for your supervisors/managers to :
    • be responsible;
    • well understand the role they have to play in the organization;
    • have the management tools to effectively manage operations;
    • be equipped to explain production discrepancies;
    • be equipped to motivate their team and take full advantage of resources;
    • be equipped to improve productivity and quality;
    • communicate effectively with people;
    • be equipped to manage problems and conflict situations;
  • to have a motivated team;
  • to improve the work environment;
  • to increase productivity;
  • to improve the management level of your company;
  • to increase your profitability.

The BSP program is the best tool to raise the supervisor/manager to the expected management level. It is the only way for companies to perpetuate the change started with the implementation of the Kaizen Toyota Way improvement projects.

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