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Supply Chain and Logistic optimization


  • No supply chain strategy;
  • Long supply delays and stock shortages;
  • Inefficient inventory management not founded on forecast and on the "EOQ" and "MOQ" Economical and Manufacturing Order quantities;
  • High supply costs;
  • No warehouse and supply chain management systems;
  • No RF technology, bar codes and RFID used;
  • No optimization of the transport resources;
  • No " B2B " and " B2C ";
  • Non satisfying and unstable service level.

Our approach

Firstly, our team of experts will do a thorough diagnostic. After this diagnostic and audit, a multidisciplinary team of employees, with our specialists, will determine an optimization deployment plan. This plan will establish the management strategies and the actions to be done in order to optimize the supply chain network, process, systems and the layout of all warehouse and distribution centers.

The objective is to optimize the material and information flow with our integrated services of all our specialized partners.

With our specialized partners, our diagnostics, audits and specialized evaluations, we are able to implement the best supply systems and management practices adapted to our clients needs.

Anticipated results

  • Increase the access speed to the RIGHT information;
  • Reduction of the supply lead time;
  • Reduction of the supply costs;
  • Reduction of the order delivery lead time;
  • Reduction of the raw material waste;
  • Reduction of inventories;
  • Increase in the productive space without increasing the production floor space;
  • Increase in the quality of the business relationship with suppliers and clients.

For the corporation wanting to optimise its business relationship with all suppliers and clients while increasing its production capacity and reducing it's inventory and overall supply costs.

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