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Lean Management FLO - Lean Office FLO training


  • To provide employees with an understanding of Lean Management-FLO and Lean-Office FLO and it's tools;
  • To demonstrate the operation of Lean Management-FLO through a practical simulation;
  • To eliminate employee's paradigms that slow the implementation of Lean Management-FLO down;
  • To convince empolyee's to get involved in the Lean Management-FLO process.

Training course

During the day, employees will participate in a simulation and will be trained and informed on the Lean Management-FLO, it's philosophy and it's tools in order to get emloyee's involved in changing the management system to a more flexible, high performance one.

Knowledge assets

The participants will be able to better understand what affects the productivity of an administrative process and will have a better knowledge of the tools of improvement (waste, reduction, bottleneck management, 5S, cellular layout, Kanban, etc.) helping to increase the quality and to reduce the delays as well as the costs.

Workshop simulation

This simulation put's an emphasis on the concepts learned during the training and reinforces the philosophy Lean Management-FLO philosophy learned.

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