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Kaizen-Impact Trainer


  • Train employees to the Kaizen Impact method so that the organization can autonomously carry out its own lean manufacturing and lean management projects;
  • Teach people the knowledge: how to use the set of lean manufacturing and lean management tools;
  • Teach people the know-how: how to carry out a long-term Impact project with a precise and organized action plan;
  • Teach people how to be: how to lead a team and succeed at getting its members to work together towards reaching a common objective, by having them rethink the way they do things.

Training course

  • Day 1 : Training on lean manufacturing/management tools
  • Day 2 : Training on how to organize and lead an Impact project
  • Day 3 : AM : End of training PM : Diagnosis of mini-Impact project
  • Day 4 : Mini-Impact project
  • Day 5 : Mini-Impact project


    • Philosophie de la PVA & GVA
    • Outils PVA & GVA
    • Impact method
    • DMAIC approach
    • Team project management principles
    • Mini-Impact project deployment
    • Group leading techniques and tricks of the trade

Knowledge assets

The participants will become Kaizen Impact Leader trainers, able to manage and to oversee there own Kaizen. They will have understood all the basic lean tools and will be able to teach others there understanding and the applicable use in real projects. They will also be able to apply the kaizen methodology in real internal projects and cases, thus helping in the overall continuous improvement of the firm.

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