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Administrative and Management Process Optimization
(Lean Management/Office)


  • Long delays in processing Engineering demands, estimates and customer orders;
  • Delivery dates not respected;
  • Communication difficulties between departments and employees;
  • Isolated and non integrated working positions;
  • Overwhelmed administrative working stations by documents;
  • Numerous forms and duplication use of them;
  • Numerous corrections creating non quality and rework;
  • Long and multiple approvals and verification process;
  • Bottleneck work stations that can't follow the clients demand paste;
  • Variable and non satisfactory service levels.

Our approach

A team of employees analyzes the current administrative operations and develops and tests new methods and procedures with the objective of minimizing waste of a specific sector, to reduce the rework and to optimize the management of the different administrative demands while improving the employes communication and management system.

The team then rethinks the methodology, the process, the tools to be used and the new layout, so to implement and optimize the management system, based on the Lean office/management best practices principles and to ensure value added.

Finally, the team defines and delegates the new tasks and responsibilities and develops the key performance indicators to ensure the optimal follow up and continuous improvement.

Anticipated results

  • Simplified administrative process;
  • Bottleneck identification and it's optimized management;
  • Productivity optimization and increase service level;
  • Increase in accountability and employee's involvement and awareness;
  • Waste elimination and increase in productivity;
  • Reduction of the processing time;
  • Increase of the resources capacity;
  • Short and long term reduction cost and increase in profitability.

For the corporation that wants to capitalize on the competence of its administrative employees in order to improve it's overall performance and flexibility.

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