We strategically optimize the operations and the medical and paramedical processes.

We have developed, with our partners, a highly qualified expertise destined to all the different services and hospital departments, Residential and Long-Term Care Centers and other related health care firms using the best techniques of the Toyota System, the 6 Sigma and the best management practices.

Our approach: To guide the hospitals and other health care related firms in the optimization of there processes by using a client/patient oriented approach while aiming these following objectives:

  • improve the patients/clients and employees satisfaction
  • improve the quality and security of all processes:
    • reduce and control variability
    • standardization
  • reduce the processing time:
    • reduce non-value tasks
    • implement a tight flow for all processes
  • improve the quality and security of processes:
    • optimize the bottlenecks
    • eliminate waste
    • improve the overall installation and equipment efficiency
    • optimize the capacity
  • Increase the number of patients served