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Health and Safety of workers & Machine safety


Safety depends on:

  • Mechanical concepts;
  • Electrical and programmed concepts;
  • Ergonomic machine conception;
  • Ergonomic station conception;
  • Operators' fatigue, stress and repetitive operational rhythm;
  • Workers' training and experience;

Accidents Create:

  • Loss of employee's well-being;
  • Loss of an experienced, competent, qualified and trained worker on the specific machine;
  • Production shut-down, possible loss of sales and late delivery;
  • Loss of workers confidence, moral and productivity;
  • Increase in CSST costs.

Our Approach

  • Help and assistance on your SST committee;
  • Risk analysis and production of a complete diagnostic report and audit;
  • Deployment plan to reduce SST risks;
  • Appropriate electrical and mechanical conception solutions;
  • Automated solutions and integration into the machines;
  • Machine modifications;
  • Risk analysis and and protection devices training;
  • Electrical arc studies;
  • Padlock files management;
  • Energy Zero analysis (AVEZ project);
  • CSST expertise in case of inquiries;
  • IRSST, CSST and AQHSST partnerships.

Anticipated Results

  • Reduction of the number of accidents;
  • Potential danger awareness;
  • Reduction in downtime and machines downtime costs;
  • Possible reduction of CSST costs following a business case review;
  • Stress reduction of employees working on a dangerous machine;
  • Improvement of global work atmosphere and quality of working life.

For the corporation that believes that making its machines safe is an essential part of its health and safety program.

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