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Increasing Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE)


  • Frequent equipment shut-downs due to multiple reasons;
  • Production delays following equipment and machine failures;
  • Important time wasted repairing and cleaning equipment and machines;
  • Low global and specific OEE;
  • Standard time not respected;
  • High rework rate;
  • High reject rate.

Our approach

Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) defines the global efficiency of an equipment, production center or plant taking into account the three main manufacturing performance parameters :

  • Availability - the number of real hours used producing in comparison to the number of planned hours;
  • Effectiveness - the number of units produced during available production hours in comparison to the maximum normal capacity specified or to the standards;
  • Quality - the number of GOOD and acceptable (in respect to the acceptable quality criteria) units in comparison to the total units produced.

The objective of this intervention is to increase use of OEE methods such as:

  • Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM);
  • Reduction of setup time (SMED);
  • Visual Management using 5S (VM5S), etc.;
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOP);
  • Anti-mistakes (Poka yoke);
  • Six Sigma;
  • Problem Resolution Process (PRP).

Anticipated Results

  • Better comprehension and performance management of equipment;
  • Structured methodology and ability to detect and qualify OEE improvement opportunities as well as establish their priority;
  • Increased efficiency rate of use of direct and indirect materials;
  • Fewer rejects and reworks;
  • Increase in the employees competence and knowledge in relation to equipment resulting from their direct implication in the analysis and solutions implementation;
  • Improvement of the good OEE parameters that directly translate into an increase in profit.

For the company for which production system performance is based on production equipment efficiency.

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