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Layout optimization of the whole business, plant, warehouse facilities and Distribution centers


  • Need to expand the warehouse because of missing space;
  • New plant, warehouse or office to construct;
  • Inefficient or difficult access to products, work in process and raw material and missing warehouse functionality;
  • Inefficient carrier access;
  • Inefficient production flow of the material and information;
  • Missing or inefficient Distribution centers;
  • Waste of material, time and information;
  • Missing link between the material utilization and the level of service;
  • Bad communication within and between plants, warehouse and distribution centers;
  • Missing or inefficient use or inefficient capacity and integration of the information systems.

Our approach

Following a diagnostic and training on the optimizing tools methods and information systems to be used, a team of employees will be supervised in an optimizing project analysis, deployment and implementation of a new layout. The optimizing operational flow of material and information is at the heart of the project. When needed, a construction partnership is planned and used. This type of mandate consist of:

  • comparing the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of layouts and to use the different balancing techniques of the processes;
  • using the " Systematic Layout Planning (SLP) " approach and methodology;
  • applying all the optimizing principles, tools and Warehouse Management Systems;
  • A deployment plan and a rigorous project management follow up are done.

Anticipated results

  • To attain the construction and layout objectives with respect to budgets and schedule;
  • Increase in productive space availability;
  • Increase in material and information availability;
  • Optimization of the productivity and service level;
  • Increase in the production capacity;
  • Waste reduction;
  • Delivery time reduction;
  • Inventory reduction and increase in the turnover rate.

For the corporation that wants to grow as much as it can INTERNALLY and to optimize it's material and information flow process and systems. If needed, to expand in an optimizing way using an efficient layout and implementation approach.

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