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Lean Automation


  • Labor rate too high;
  • To many non-secure tasks;
  • Insufficient productivity and capacity
  • Variability of quality and missing process control;
  • Complexity of operations;
  • Repetitive tasks;
  • Insufficient specialized labor;
  • Integration of a new product or process in the production chain;
  • Important transportation and manipulations.

Our Approach

This unique service combines the expertise of lean manufacturing, lean management, Six Sigma and automation with the objective of optimizing the full corporate potential of manufacturing and service companies in order to respond to current and future challenges, that is lack of competent resources and increased productivity and flexibility needs.

  • Definition of the current process;
  • Identification of all constraints;
  • Elimination of non-value added operations with the help of lean and Six Sigma tools;
  • Study, program and conceive automates;
    • Automation of remaining non-value added operations;
    • Automation of value added operations if they are at the bottleneck;
    • Automation of non-secure operations
  • Development of a garanteed results strategy;

Anticipated Results

  • 360° vision of the corporation;
  • Reduction of non-value added tasks;
  • Mastering and autonomation of value added operations;
  • Decrease of waste in the operations;
  • Decrease of production cost;
  • Decrease of direct labor rate;
  • Assurance of constant production;
  • Increase in operations flexibility.

For the corporation that needs a flexible and performing production while rationalizing its costs and optimizing its investments.

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