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Global Strategic Planning and Accompaniment

Using its global corporate diagnostic structure, SolutiA Management can strategically plan and analyze based on the following generally recognized approach:

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Actual situation analysis :
    • Internal Environement;
    • External Environement;
    • Financial positionning.
  3. Actual Mission
  4. Strategic options analysis
  5. Strategic recommendations and new Mission recommandation (if needed)
  6. Operationnal stakes
  7. Strategic Operational deployment plan
  8. Conclusion


  1. SWOT analysis
  2. Financial analysis
  3. Balanced score card
  4. Detailed deployment plan


SolutiA management does not only accompany operationally its client's continuous improvement, but also globally for our client's strategic marketing and deployment. We are proud to participate to the strategic success of our clients.

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