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Strategic Operational FLO optimizing Program


  • Unclear or missing global operational strategy;
  • Strategy not clearly understood at all levels;
  • Flow of information and materials not clearly defined or understood;
  • Improvement initiatives not aligned with the strategy;
  • Unclear that improvement efforts are well prioritized;
  • Improvement initiatives are not managed effectively and efficiently;
  • Poor results from previous improvement initiatives;
  • Missing or poorly selected metrics;
  • Company performance lower than expected.

Our approach

The FLO is an on-going improvement process that uses a simplified value stream to diagnose the company by comparing it to a plumbing system divided into three major elements;

1. The F (Fault) represents the non quality losses or rejects in carrying out a process or procedure;

2. The L (Length) represents the delivery time spent for a succession of operations and waiting times (process time);

3. The 0 (Opening) represents the current capacity and productivity of an operation and, together with the size of the bottleneck, provides the capacity of the whole process.

With an overall representation of the company as a pipe system, it becomes extremely easy for the company and all levels of employee's to identify the constraints and strategic spots where intervention will improve the company's performance in terms of Faults, Length and Opening. The size of storage basins (inventories) and the pressure in the pipe (efficiency) are added to the FLO parameters.

In addition this program implements a Performance committee structure, training and tools to ensure the perennial impact.

Anticipated results

Our approach causes a highly positive reaction because the company can ultimately have a truly common corporate vision. The FLO analysis methodology forces the development of a performance indicator system to realistically measure the status of the pipe and whether the previously set objectives have been reached. To obtain such results, the program also includes a structured visual development plan that requires the scheduling of improvement action. Such a mix therefore makes it possible to follow the status of its system and adjust improvement actions to a strategic and tactical level and let daily work operate according to the improvement approach. An integrated dashboard is implemented to follow and improve results.

With the FLO program, the company is better able to identify the projects to be carried out and prepare for change. This structured visual approach then makes it possible for the company to implement an on-going improvement culture and allow each employee to become an agent of change.

For the company ready to pursue a sweeping improvement program and pass it on effectively to all its employees.

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