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Performance (Continuous Improvement) Committee


  • Difficulty to define, prioritize and manage operational continuous improvement projects;
  • No continuous improvement follow up and/or committee;
  • The steering and/or Continuous improvement committee does not have the time to structure, prioritize and manage the operational improvements;
  • Lack of communication between management and employees;
  • Lack of project management structure;
  • The corporation has attained a growth plateau and can't seam to get to a higher level;
  • Difficulty to follow and use key performance indicators;
  • Long and costly manufacturing and administrative delays;
  • No team work and membership.

Our approach

The goal is to accompany the management team in an exercise to optimize the operational performance of the corporation and to implement a performance committee strictly followed by one of our strategic senior consultant, thus ensuring the results, success and perennial impact of the gains and improvements:

The Performance committee follows four basic steps:

  1. Performance structure development;
  2. FLO parameters and deployment plan development;
  3. Deployment plan management and follow up;
  4. Key Performance Indicators follow up feedback.

Anticipated results

  • Expert Strategic vision that will help and ensure to see what you find hard to perceive;
  • Determination and implementation of the strategic improvement obligations in relation and inline with the corporate mission, vision and values.
  • Orientation in the same direction of all production and administrative employees;
  • Implementation of a structured deployment plan and system, including all continuous improvement projects prioritized and actually ongoing and to come;
  • Promote a better involvement and quality of life and to contribute to increase the potential and fulfilment of all of employees;
  • Implement a continuous improvement philosophy to ensure the perenniality of the results;
  • The corporation will attain a higher growth rate.

For the corporation that needs a senior expertise, an external view and an efficient accompaniment and that wants to ensure the pereniality success of it's continuous improvements.

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