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Production Process Optimization
Lean Manufacturing


  • Slack of the plant production line;
  • Excessive work in process (WIP);
  • Isolated workstations flooded with work in process;
  • Excessive plant space used for storage;
  • Many errors requiring rework;
  • Workstation bottlenecks;
  • Long order delivery times;
  • Unsatisfactory and inconsistent productivity;
  • Complex production management process.

Our approach

A team of employees analyzes and rethinks procedures to design a tight workflow production process. The objective is to reduce waste due to waiting time, transportation, overproduction, defects, inventory, etc.

The team then develops and implements a new production process based on lean manufacturing principles. Workstations are reorganized to allow the application of visual management and tight workflow concepts. Performance indicators and trend charts allow employees and management to track results and trigger continuous improvement.

Anticipated results

The Company better understands and manages its production and bottlenecks and optimizes its productivity and delivery times. It therefore increases its sales and is better positioned for expansion. It also monitors its performance through indicators, while encouraging employees to be more involved in and accountable for eliminating wasteful practices.

The Company also enjoys other benefits as : reduced production times, increased productive capacity and quality and reduction of overall production costs.

For the company that is ready to make full use of its employee's skills to improve the performance and flexibility of its production process.

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