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Global diagnostics

Using its global corporate diagnostic structure, SolutiA Management can efficiently do these types of diagnose:

  • Strategic Operational FLO diagnostic;
  • Preliminary Diagnostic;
  • Mini sector-based diagnostics;
  • Qualimeter diagnostic.

Global Diagnostic - Table of content


B) OPERATIONNAL FUNCTIONS ANALYSIS (functional and operational strategy) :

  1. Marketing, Sales and International Affairs
  2. Supply chain management and Purchasing
  3. Manufacturing/Production
  4. Quality
  5. Innovation, Research and Development " R&D ", Engineering, Design and Estimation

C) OPERATIONS "SUPPORTING" FUNCTIONS ANALYSIS (functional and operational strategies):

  1. Human resource management
  2. Finance, financial and managerial accounting
  3. Information systems and Technologies " IS " et " IT "
  4. Internal Auditing
  5. Fiscal management

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