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Production Scheduling


  • Order scheduling difficult and ignored;
  • Planning does not take bottlenecks into account;
  • Production deadlines ignored and frequently missed;
  • Many forms and copies used;
  • Missing order production information;
  • Offices isolated and swamped with pending orders;
  • Purchasing poorly synchronized with production schedules;
  • Long lead times for production scheduling.

Our approach

A multidisciplinary team of employees analyzes and rethinks the production scheduling process to optimize it according to the needs of the employees responsible for production. To improve delivery times, planning and scheduling are based on bottleneck production capacity. Work orders are redesigned to improve information and prevent errors.

The roles of all the people involved are then reviewed to facilitate communications and reduce waiting time. The global functioning and layout of offices must also be reviewed to facilitate the implementation of the new process and work procedures.

Anticipated results

The company will be better able to understand and optimize its production scheduling process. It can also follow the performance of this process in real time through the use of indicators. The employees will feel personally involved in the ongoing improvement of their company's procedures.

Thanks to improved planning based on bottlenecks, order processing delays will be shortened. The company can then expect improved production operations.

For the company that wants to optimize its production performance by improving its operations planning and reducing production scheduling lead times.

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