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Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM)


  • Frequent equipment downtime for various reasons;
  • Production delays caused by equipment breakdown;
  • Too much time devoted to reconditioning and cleaning equipment;
  • Poor overall equipment performance;
  • Difficulty managing spare parts;
  • Employees' lack of concern with equipment maintenance;
  • Maintenance more corrective than preventive;
  • Rapid ageing of equipment.

Our Approach

A multidisciplinary team of employees builds the structure of an entire Reliability-Centered Maintenance (RCM) program: autonomous, preventive, corrective and improvement oriented. The program is developed and implemented starting with a pilot project carried out on the most critical machine. Indicators are simultaneously put in place to monitor equipment performance.

In order for the person in charge of maintenance to become completely autonomous in implementing RCM, he or she will have to be trained throughout the project, participate in the team's regular follow-ups and take part in the implementation of the RCM deployment plan on all the machines.

Anticipated Results

With the help of a well-defined structure and some performance indicators, the company will be able to better understand and manage its maintenance functions. It will also be able to easily reach an optimal balance between maintenance costs and equipment performance.

Company performance will be improved through a reduction in overall production costs, better employee accountability, more effective equipment, and a reduction in production delays caused by equipment downtime.

For businesses in which manufacturing system performance depends a great deal on their equipment.

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