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6 Sigma - White Belt training


  • To understand that the Six Sigma is a quantitative approach that consists in a continuous improvement research of the client's satisfaction, having a direct impact on the financial results. It goes much further than the defaults reduction, it puts the emphasis on the critical process improvement of the firm.
  • To understand the impact of the various factors which influence the performance of your processes;
  • To know the solutions which can apply to the resolution of your problems;
  • To understand the impact of the various projects on the overall equipment efficiency (OEE).
  • To understand the philosophy where the employee's join in there forces around a common vision and to direct the corporation towards excellence;
  • To understand the measuring system of the processes so the individuals are capable to evaluate and compare themselves, and to set objectives;
  • To understand the rigorous and systematic methodology permitting to Define, Measure, Analyze, Innovate and Control the processes (DMAIC);
  • To understand the importance of identifying all measurable elements that represent the client's satisfaction and the success of the corporation, the continuous improvement system of measure, the variability reduction and the objective goals.

Training course

During the day, the participants will attend a training session and a workshop on this structured method and on the tools of the OEE in order to better understand the importance of the implication of the employees in the change of the manufacturing system towards a more efficient system.

Knowledge assets

The participants will be able to better understand what affects the Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) and which tools (RCM, SMED, 5S, SOP, Poka Yoke, Six Sigma and PRP) to use in order to increase the availability, performance of the equipment and quality of the products.

Workshop simulation

This simulation put's an emphasis on the concepts learned during the training and reinforces the comprehension of the OEE philosophy, methods and tools to be used.

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