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SMED (Single Minute Exchange of Die - Setup) training


  • To understand the impact of different factors that influence your process and it's flexibility;
  • To learn the different solutions that can be applied to resolve yours problems;
  • To understand the impact of the batch size reduction on your used manufacturing space;
  • To understand and apply the SMED methodology and tools to use for the optimization of your setups.

Training course

During the day, the participant will follow a training on the methodology to follow in order, to reduce the setup time of all manufacturing equipments and on the tools to be used during a SMED, and to gain productivity. They will realize a workshop so to better understand the importance of the employee's implication in the optimization of the setups.

Knowledge assets

The participants will better understand what is harmful to the setup time of all equipments and which tools (SMED kits, Doctor-Nurse tasks, internal and external operations and 5S) to use in order to increase flexibility, capacity and to reduce the manufacturing lead time.

Workshop simulation

This simulation put's an emphasis on the concepts learned during the training and reinforces the comprehension of the SMED principles and tools learned.

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