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6 Sigma - Green and black Belt training

All organizations that wants to implement Six Sigma, has to train its operational and transactional personnel on the Six Sigma principles. The participants to the training of the Green and Black Six Sigma Belts (GBSS and BBSS) will learn how to apply the DMAIC improving process (Definition, Measure, Analyze, Innovate, Control) while integrating Six Sigma to other improving methods as: the Lean Manufacturing and Management, to the theory of constraints and the statistical methods to improve there process while increasing customer satisfaction.

Objective: The participants will learn how to communicate the advantages of the Six Sigma as a corporate strategy to other employees, to select the most prolific and successful Six Sigma projects and team players, so to plan and execute these projects while selecting the best optimal statistical tools in order to increase significantly the corporate profitability.

Employees aimed by this training: The production and administrative supervisors and team leaders, engineers and project managers.

Duration: About 11 days for the green belt and 20 days for the black belt.

Law 90 promoting man power development: SolutiA Management is an organization accredited by Emploi Québec with a certificate number 0054057. The investment that you will make will be admitted under this law.

Specific objectives: The participants will be able to:

  • execute there own projects or supporting projects
  • to explain to other employees why certain production and administrative modifications are in line with corporate strategies and the Six sigma philosophy
  • reduce cycle time, increase quality and reduce waste of these daily operations.

Training strategy: The trainer will present the theoretical content at every phase. For every phase presented, the trainer will propose practical examples and the team will have to observe the "gemba" (work floor) in small groups in order to get data and information. They will also question there peers on the functioning mode of operations. Following this quest of information, they will put it all together with the other participants. The trainer will then ensure the good comprehension of the participants about the data collected, observations and conclusions by using different techniques: dialogues, questioning, group discussions and practical exercises.

Formative evaluation: This formative evaluation is done all through the training by a questioning methodology. The trainer does also a formal follow up during the workshops so to verify the level of understanding of the new concepts. The participants has to complete a Six Sigma project that will bring at least a 30 000$ and 100 000$ (for green and black belts respectively) financial benefits to the corporation on there specific project. Finally, they will have to present a complete report based on the trainer's requirements.

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